At Blue Cloud, we know that a well-designed and well-executed website has to be created not only from the programmer's or marketer's point of view but the end user's as well. After all, if your website doesn't deliver a good user experience, it won't be long before it stops providing any kind of experience for any user at all. Our capabilities provide clients with full-scale usability across all platforms, in the areas of website development and design, web-based services, and custom applications and programming.
Your website needs to meet your audience's needs—whether visitors are seeking information, looking to transact business, or browsing for pleasure. Functionality, good content, and a productive experience for users will bring them back to your website or e-commerce site or have them refer your company's products or services much more readily than if your website provides a difficult user experience.
Blue Cloud's internet professionals will work with you to identify who your target users are and then put together a website that they will find easy to navigate, interesting (and easy) to read, and highly functional across all aspects of design and navigation. From font size to graphics, site architecture to keystrokes needed to find information, Blue Cloud will help you make a great first impression online from the start.
The result will be higher customer satisfaction which in turn generates referrals, trust, and brand loyalty; higher sales volume or interactivity; and repeat business or site visits, which boost your profitability and your credibility among target users.
Does Your Website Invite Bookmark Opportunities?
Some questions we encourage you to consider are:
  • Why is the customer on the website? What will the site do for him?
  • What is the customer looking for on the website? What does he want to read about or learn about?
  • How can your company welcome the customer so that she spends more time there, refers others to the site, is motivated to make a purchase or execute a download?
  • Is your site worthy of becoming bookmarked in the customer's browser?
From start to finish, Blue Cloud balances the user experience with marketing goals. By building in the concept of usability from the start of your website project, Blue Cloud helps ensure your website goals are met in many ways. We test and tweak your site throughout every stage of development to ensure that its design, navigation, applications, plug-ins, and sales portals are all rendered and implemented from the user's standpoint. Our experience has shown time and again that advance usability planning for any website yields great end results for both site visitors and marketers alike.