Whether you are implementing an email drip campaign as a follow-up to a special promotion or want to send a periodic newsletter to your client database, Blue Cloud will design a custom email marketing interface that aligns with your brand. We offer a robust email platform that can be deployed for enterprise marketers as well as solutions for small businesses.
Blue Cloud will schedule your email to go out to your list or lists at a pre-determined time and date, and provide you with meaningful data about who opened what and read it, undeliverable emails, and bounce rates. We'll make sure all your opt-in and opt-out subscription choices are present and that all emails conform to internet marketing regulations. We will also help you determine and scrub your list to maximize receipt and open rates.
Of course, we will produce your email campaign or email newsletter in HTML and text so that everyone can view your message on mobile devices or tablets, and integrate your campaign with social media. We can also embed video to create a higher level of reader engagement.
Blue Cloud offers a range of plans to accommodate various frequencies and list sizes, as well as copywriting services when needed to help manage your creative content for your email announcements, campaigns, or newsletters.
Our email marketing solutions include:
  • Email newsletters—programmed to be read on all digital devices
  • Mass mailings—announcements, transactional emails
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Online surveys
  • Follow-up auto-responders
  • A/B testing of messages and campaigns
  • Full reporting of open, bounce, and click-through statistics
  • Email list and subscriber management
Email Reporting that Provides Valuable Feedback and Measures Success
Blue Cloud Development Company understands that a well designed and implemented email marketing campaign is really only as good as its ROI. That's why we've developed a custom email reporting portal that provides you with the data you need to learn what's working and what's not, so you can make course corrections along the way.
Our password-protected, secure email reporting application measures the performance of each email marketing campaign and delivers timely information that is critical to determining your marketing tactics, maintaining email list hygiene, and improving customer service. Bar and line graphs display all pertinent data about your email marketing with details outlined clearly in text. These reports are all printable so you can share with others on your team or review anywhere, any time. Think of them as your road map to email marketing success.
  • See who on your list is opening your emails
  • Find out your email open rate (percentage of email recipients who opened the email) as well as bounces (bad email addresses, messages caught by firewalls and spam filters)
  • Learn which external links are getting the most click-throughs
  • See forwarding rates – not only how many people forward your emails to others but who is forwarding them
  • Compare your results others in your field
  • Comprehensive database management capabilities:
  • Learn when a new contact signs up
  • Find out who unsubscribes and why
  • See which email addresses in each campaign bounced and why
  • Track your monthly list growth by source (website traffic, forwarded emails, downloads, etc.)
  • Update addresses as needed before your next email transmission